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Living Short? Protect your Family.

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

One of the most Unfortunate events in a family is losing a breadwinner due to Natural or Accidental Death.

When a family loses their breadwinner, they gradually lose moral and financial support as well, which has an impact on many things, including how they manage everyday expenses like paying for food, clothing, and housing. Paying bills, attending school, and pursuing higher education all become difficult. It becomes difficult to secure funding for their children's marriages and new businesses. Other obligations, such as making EMI payments and repaying outstanding debt, including handloans, become a significant strain.

In order for the family to preserve its current standard of life and fulfil its obligations, all of the above must be safeguarded.

Protecting the family is advised in two dimensions, according to the Family Financial Planning Concept.

  1. Guarding the family's Expenditures with Life Insurance with Savings Element with Regular Investments

  2. Guarding the Unpaid Liabilities Regular or Single Premium Term Assurance or Mortgage Redemption Plans

Utilizing an appropriate procedure, the first one should be determined scientifically in accordance with insurance requirements.

Insure and Be Secure.


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